Author David Delisle

David Delisle – Author

David Delisle embarked on his Golden Quest when he was 11 and ever since, has been passionate about compound interest, the most powerful force in the universe.

And for all of you that just groaned and rolled their eyes (I know who you are), imagine folding a regular piece of paper in half. Now fold it again. And again. Imagine folding this same piece of paper 42 times. How thick do you think that piece of paper will be? As thick as a book? As high as a desk? Will it be as tall as your house?… It will be tall enough to reach the moon!

If you fold that same piece of paper only 51 times, it will be tall enough to reach the sun!!! That’s the power of compound growth.

It is many, many, grey hairs since David first embarked on his Golden Quest. During that time, he has been a successful entrepreneur, financial advisor, marketing director, and real estate investor, and most importantly, a Dad.

Wanting to pass on his passion for financial literacy to his young boys, Will and Noah, David wrote the Golden Quest by taking all of the elements that kids love in a book (beautiful illustrations, adventure, humor, suspense and fantastical creatures) and mixing in the 5 most valuable lessons about money.

He loves being outdoors with his family, laughing with friends, travelling the world, and connecting over a perfect cup of coffee; The Awesome Stuff.